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1000 Bits of Hope

Educate. Inspire. Empower.

Our Mission

1000 Bits of Hope is a project with the purpose of providing girls with inspiration and access to start their own computer science journeys. Currently, girls are still a minority in the CS and tech field and there are three main reasons as to why girls don’t pursue careers in these fields: lack of confidence due to gender stereotyping, absence of mentorship and support, and a need for more exposure. Let's change that! To combat these issues, the project is crafted with a handful of initiatives including a web video interview series and global tech events.


The hope is that with these initiatives girls will have the opportunity to gain more exposure in the industry, meet and network with role models, and see that the tech field is for girls too! With both the global events and the video series, girls can hear the stories of successful women-in-tech either in-person and/or virtually, making the content nearly accessible to all! 


Technology Career Events


Currently, two events have been hosted in the Bay Area and the plan is to host more in the future! The purpose of the events is to provide a hands on learning experience where girls have the opportunity to meet and network with women role models and also participate in engaging activities! Events usually consist of a panel of female speakers, opportunities for girls to ask their questions and gain insight, activities, and giveaways! To learn more about the events and upcoming opportunities explore the options below!

Super Bytes With Suhani Singhal

Super Bytes with Suhani Singhal is a video interview series with the purpose of giving every girl the opportunity to explore the stories of successful women in tech no matter the hardships or disparities they may be facing. This video series is accessible to all and makes learning about women role models and pursuing Computer Science as a female nearly effortless. Each video highlights a different role model's story and goes in depth on her journey, obstacles, advice, career and more! Not only will girls learn helpful tips and exceptional, unique  stories, but they will also learn about different career options within the tech field.

Start exploring the video series and watching the videos by clicking on the pictures below!

Event @ Google Community
Group Picture
Group Picture

Season 2


Sylvia Acevedo

Roya Mahboob

Arnelle Ansong

CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

Former NASA Rocket Scientist

Co-Founder and CTO of Edlyft


CEO of Digital Citizen Fund

First female CEO of a tech company in Afghanistan



Neha Singh

Shivani Govil

CEO of Obsess

Integrating Technology with Fashion

Coming Soon

Executive VP at Sage Software

Coming Soon 

Season 1


Leslie Rogers

Sherri Douville

GTGTC Founders

UX Engineer @ Youtube

CEO and Board Member of Medigram Inc.

Founders of Girls Teaching Girls to Code working at Apple, LinkedIn, and Quora


Zara Chiara Fernandez

Caroline Gaffney

Sarah Clatterbuck

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer @ Saleseforce

Chief of Staff, Product @ LinkedIn

Director of Engineering of Alternative Monetization @ Youtube


Ingrid Lin

Product Marketing Manager @ Google


About Suhani

Suhani Singhal is a hardworking and energetic high schooler who is passionate about giving back to her community. A quality she prides herself in is going in depth and completing everything she does to the best of her ability. For example, Suhani co-founded the app Pomona, an android app which connects restaurants with users to sell leftover meals at reduced prices for the competition Technovation. After the competition was over, she went on to become a mentor, student ambassador, and an intern for the organization. She has also been practicing taekwondo for over 8 years and has earned her second-degree black belt. Additionally, she is a Girl Scout Ambassador from Girl Scouts Northern California. She first got introduced to Girl Scouts through her love for backpacking at the Two Sentinels Girl Scout Camp. Ever since she joined, she has enjoyed taking up leadership positions and giving back to her community by completing her Silver and Gold Award and serving as a Regional Delegate, Girl Board Participant, and National Council Delegate. During her free time, she finds herself reading, watching sci-fi movies, coding, or hanging out with friends.


These past few years she has become interested in Computer Science and technology, but she was very surprised when she found that she was only one of a few girls in her CS classes. Living in the bay area, she expected to see a lot more female representation in her classes, and she couldn’t begin to imagine what issues and problems girls were facing across the country let alone around the world. As a result, she decided to dedicate her Girl Scout Gold Award project to combat this issue and created her project 1000 bits of hope. Although the project started off as her gold award, she strives to continue this project and further develop the platform she has created.  



Suhani Singhal | Founder 


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